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Join The Shimano Varsity Program

At no time in the history of sportfishing has there been such a large influx of new anglers as today. At Shimano, it’s been easy to recognize the growing popularity in competitive bass fishing among junior high, high school, and college students – you are exploding onto the fishing scene in numbers never imagined.

There is no doubt you are the future of the recreational fishing industry! To encourage continued youth engagement, we feel compelled to assist you in all facets of your angling experience and potential careers on and off the water.

With that in mind, we offer you the Shimano Varsity High School and College Angling Program. Join today to receive not only exclusive discounts on Shimano brands, but also guidance from our staff. This program is an education and career partnership, designed to assist, educate, and mentor high school and college anglers while they pursue their diplomas and college degrees.

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